Mission Statement

At Cadence Surgical Solutions, we do things differently by changing the paradigm of today’s case management. We’re committed to our goal of creating a streamlined process for our clients and their patient’s. By simplifying personal injury and worker’s compensation medical care, we are helping our communities by building a trusting relationship and vastly improving their healthcare experience.

who we are

Our collaborative approach is to promote individualized health and wellness for every patient. Specifically, in case management which includes determining the injury situation and solutions of the patient, planning for and coordinating medical care, and ultimately establishing the most economical plan of care for your client’s settlement. Now imagine that you have several associates working synergistically together to help you maximize your client’s recovery process.

With Cadence as your partner, you will have the peace of mind that your patient's care is being streamlined. 

  • We understand how cumbersome the scheduling of multiple appointments can be for the patient's and their respective law firm which is why Cadence helps streamline a 48hr turn around time for appointments. 
  • Navigating and understanding the nuances of proper care can be overwhelming specially for non English speaking plaintiffs. Cadence Surgical Solutions is happy offer Spanish speaking providers and clinicians at select locations.
  • In order to ensure compliance and reduce gaps in medical care, Cadence offers Appointment reminders and confirmations for patients and their attorneys. 
  • Medical care within policy limits if of the upmost importance to all parties involved. Cadence offers the representing law firm estimates in real time of recommendation from our providers so the patient can obtain their procedures in a timely manner. 
  • Turn key collection of records and bills.  

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