Concierge care coordination keeps patients stress free and happy and help attorneys operate efficiently as they focus on driving growth.  

simplifying personal injury case management

With over three decades of experience in Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation & Medical fields, Cadence Surgical Solutions is an industry leader delivering exemplary care coordination. Personal Injury cases involve an abundance of paperwork and scheduling of appointments. No wonder it’s easy to see how patients become overwhelmed and discouraged with their recovery. By choosing Cadence Surgical Solutions as your partner - tasks, time, and resources that would normally be consumed elsewhere are now properly allocated to your growth.

How it works                                          

Network of Medical Providers - Our comprehensive network of medical providers understands the intricacy and efficiency of Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation claims. This leads to less hassle for our clients and their patients so they can focus on what matters most, the journey to recovery.    

Medical Care Coordinators - Our case managers are an important part of our concierge approach in that their main goal is to serve as the direct line of communication between the patient and our providers. Our case managers alongside our Chief Clinical Officer are responsible for determining all the choices the patient may have and then explaining those options in an easily and understandable manner. Our case managers are involved with the patient’s discharge and recovery, ensuring that the process is completed in a safe and timely manner. Additionally, patient wellbeing and happiness is significantly increased when a case manager is appointed.  

Record Collection and Data Management - Ultimately, delivering a well-serviced, comprehensive, and concise portfolio of your client's medical and billing records for your settlement.


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